Older than most tumblr users (I was born in the 70's).
I am sure that will make a difference in what I post.
Please check out my blog before following.
I don't post many personal posts.
I am not an annoying fangirl. I do not jump on bandwagons and post EVERYTHING from them.
From Chicago, one of the greatest cities.
This is a place for my odds and ends I find that I love.
I do post quite a bit sometimes.
I will most likely post lots of quotes, movie and tv caps or stills, pictures of animals, and other random things that catch my fancy.
If you want to know about me please click on the about me link down below.

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* I take no credit for the quotes or pictures I put on here unless they are my own.

If you reblog please keep the credit

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Jul 6th, 2012
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