Older than most tumblr users (I was born in the 70's).
I am sure that will make a difference in what I post.
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I don't post many personal posts.
I am not an annoying fangirl. I do not jump on bandwagons and post EVERYTHING from them.
From Chicago, one of the greatest cities.
This is a place for my odds and ends I find that I love.
I do post quite a bit sometimes.
I will most likely post lots of quotes, movie and tv caps or stills, pictures of animals, and other random things that catch my fancy.
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Teen Sex and the Dutch


Whoda thunk it? Dutch teens have fewer STDs and less teen pregnancy. This Salon article says it has a lot to do with the lax attitudes of Dutch parents regarding teen sex. Dutch teens are regularly permitted to have their sweethearts sleep over! I wonder what the Dutch kiddos have to say about all this on Facebook. Hopefully they show more class than some of their English-speaking counterparts.

Sep 10th, 2010
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